All FIFA stadiums in Qatar will be destroyed?

$200 billion was spent to build stadiums, metro, railways, hotels, infrastructure, etc. for the FIFA Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

But the FIFA World Cup is now over. What will happen to all these stadiums and infrastructures now?

Qatar had built 7 stadiums. In which stadium number 974 can be completely dismantled.

Stadiums of similar size or multiple small sizes can be made by shifting this dismantled stadium anywhere.

Schools, cafes, shops, and health clinics will be built in Lusail Stadium, the largest of the remaining 6 stadiums.

The second largest Al Bayt Stadium will be converted into a luxurious hotel.

Two stadiums will be used for local football clubs.

Later, Qatar will also host the Asian Cup in 2024 and multiple Asian Games in 2030.

Apart from this, Qatar also wants to host the Olympics in 2026. That's why Qatar can also retain and maintain some stadiums.